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The Purest Meat on the Planet from Atria

Atria’s pork is the highest quality in the world in terms of taste, purity and safety. They can promise this because they know exactly what the animals eat and how the animals are treated. Atria guarantee that the animals are always raised in the Finnish countryside and high-end meat comes from the most respected Finnish family farms – directly to you.

Finland produces the world’s purest meat, crystal clear water, fresh air and pollution-free soil. The combination of such a beautiful arctic environment and Nordic exquisite craftsmanship ensures the highest quality of food.

Atria was founded in 1903 by a group of farmers. Since its establishment, Atria has been committed to the development of Finnish meat products, and today it has become an indispensable national brand in Finnish life. From feed, feeding, production to consumers’ dining table, Atria strictly controls the entire ecological chain.

Animal health and welfare has always been a focus of Atria. Atria’s pigs insist on not being exposed to antibiotics all their lives. They grow up healthily on Finnish farms, eat their own grains, and drink their own natural water. They are cared by Finnish family farmers who are the happiest people in the world. Pure pork from the Arctic is the perfect choice for you and your family’s health.

Atria’s pork is of the highest quality in the world in terms of taste, purity and safety. This commitment is made because they know exactly how animals grow, feed and what they eat. Atria make sure that these animals are always raised in the Finnish countryside, and serve you the same high-quality meat from they own respected Finnish family farms.

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Finnish winter is long, cold and dark – on the other hand, the summer is short, intensive and the sun shines around the clock. Arctic conditions enhance the natural flavor of food.

People in Finland eat a lot of meat, and the country has extremely strict demands for animal husbandry and well-being. Finland makes continuous investments in ethical development of production and the quality of meat.

Excellent air quality

Clean air is an intregral part of pure Finnish meat.
Finland is sparsely populated with only a small amount of polution. This means we have very good air quality and practically no fine particles in the air.

very clean soil

Finnish soil is amongts the oldest in the world and is shaped by the ice age. The most important agricultural land is moisture-absorbing and nutritious.

Excellent air quality means there is no heavy metal residue in the soil.

Frost in the winter is beneficial for the soil: it modifies, helps crops’ water supply and prevents condensation.

quality ground water

Finland has the most plentiful ground water supply in the world. An unlimited supply for:

  • crop production
  • animal soldering
  • food production
  • washing production plants, equipment and hands

The safest meat

Why Atria’s pork is the safest? Please check out the claims of their premium pork!

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No Added Hormones

Hormones and medication are never used for preventive or growth promoting purposes.

vaccination, corona, coronavirus
No Antibiotics Ever

Antibiotics are never used for curing the sick animals

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100% Free of Salmonella

Atria has zero tolerance for salmonella. It is never found in the pigs

100% from Atria Family Farms

The Atria brand guarantees that all of the pork they sell comes from a Finnish farm. Products with a Family Farm label show the origin of the meat, right down to to the original farm.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare, health status and feeding solutions are the cornerstones of Atria farms’ excellent results. The farmers take good care of the pigs and make sure they are living happily.

You can taste the difference!

Do you know?

Atria’s pork are recommended by many top chefs and demanding customers!

Our Products

Atria Skin Pack Pork

Pork Collar

This item is especially good for making juicy and tender char siu (barbecued pork in Cantonese style) and fried pork cube with sweet and sour souce.

Pork Loin

Pork loin is perfect for making fried pork chop with tomatoes and onion, baked pork chop rice with cheese and vegetables, cutlet pork chop etc

Pork Belly

This juicy belly is ideal for making braised pork in soya sauce, fried sliced pork belly in Sichuan style, BBQ pork belly in Korean style etc

Pork Tenderloin

Tenderloin is the softest meat of all parts. It is good for all ages of customers and different recipes such as sweet and sour pork loin, fried shredded pork, pork floss

Let’s cook together!


Here are some simple recipes that you may like! They are easy to follow and great for any occasions!

Pork Chop with salt and pepper

Yummy pork chop and so good to be served with rice

Char siu

Delicious and juicy char siu!

braised pork

The ratio of meat and fat is just right. The skin and fat taste so soft and it melts in your mouth!

baked tenderloin with mango stuffing

Creative dish for tenderloin. Good for appetite!

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